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About Us


As a seafood start up based in Toronto, we understand that in order to stand out in this very competitive market it is important to be quick, dedicated, consistent, and flexible.

Founded in 2016, we have been providing customers with excellent prices and a premium quality. Although we only sell 3 main products currently, frozen fish as well as other seafoods are coming soon.

We sincerely wish to provide all our customers with the greatest support, products, and make the transaction effortless.

The Process


We start every order from the beginning, all our products are hand caught from the Mediterranean sea. Shortly after, they are sun dried, ensuring perfect organic quality and preserving essential nutrients.


Following preparation, our products are packaged and sent to Canada, where we sort through and filter out all of the sub par seafood. This is to ensure quality before shipment.


Our last step is often our easiest, we package your order and deliver it through Canada post to your home. Enjoy!


 It is very easy to contact us at Nepseaco! Before calling, please take some time to see if your question is in the FAQ.

 If that doesn’t help, contact us with a method of your choice. We will respond within 24 hours. Please note our phone line may not always be active.